"Soaring over the Canyon" from the album "Inner Voice" , music by Alaya
There are many different ways to fly: * airplane * through our memories * with creative thoughts * in our other, more transparent bodies.

It is our existent talent to be able to move in outer and inner atmosphere. When I soar through the canyons, I enter the inner from outer and go back in time, where I discover different centuries, other traditions, gates to other worlds and the meaning of Life and Death. The canyon is just a door to a journey! Journey is a joy of living!

"Dancing Flowers in Death Valley CA" from the album "Life Is A Dance" , music by Alaya
Dance of the Wind is a tale of a wind that passes through the atmosphere, penetrating deeply into the essence of all living, dancing in a beauty of awareness. At times it is powerful and raging; at times it is warm and loving. And yet, it is always an existing dance of a moment.

"Life Giving Water" from the album "Play of Opposites" , music by Alaya
Life-giving water is that "life syrup", that everyone been searching for through the centuries. It not only prolongs your existing life, but makes you happy now.
What is this mysterious syrup and how does it work?
It is our understanding of a Creator and Creation. Our connection, our devotion, our spiritual path. Creator gave us the "life syrup". Whether we are ready for it or not, is up to us.