"I heard Alaya's music in the office while I was receiving massage. Music was played during massage session and at first I started to think about my numerous troubles, but suddenly my attention was caught by iridescent music. I do not know why and how, but I suddenly remembered myself when I was a child, running in a field of flowers. This long forgotten childish emotion was so vivid and realistic, that I began to feel the aroma of flowers. My body became weightless and relaxed, I even stopped paying attention to the strong hands of my masseuse. Music helped me disconnect from my daily routine and I was able completely loosen up within an hour."
-- Margarita T.

"It has been a year since I started to practice yoga and every time I have to overcome pain in my muscles and some discomfort in the entire body during these sessions. A friend of mine advised me to find appropriate music for my practices and I spent a lot of time and money trying to find suitable for me music. Yoga centers use Chinese pentatonic scale, flute and sounds of nature, but this music does not ease up my workouts. One day I was surfing the web and clicked on this link with musician named Alaya. I listened to some of his compositions and noticed how melodious and optimistic they were and I bought a few just to try them out. I played his music during my next yoga session at home and I noticed that less effort was needed to go through my routine and that my body adjusted to the workload much faster and easier. Next day I practiced at yoga center and to my surprise I experienced my old difficulties once again. At home, with Alaya's music it was much easier and more joyful. I purchased a few more Alaya's compositions and assembled one hour compilation. For the last four months I am practicing yoga only to this music. Two interesting observations: first - I never get tired from this music; second - my yoga practices started to bring me real joy because my body takes the workload a lot easier and does not get tired as much."
-- Rob G.

"For six years I am practicing different types of meditations: breathing, cleansing, observing, and profound once, leading to subconscious self. Sometimes I meditate in total silence, sometimes to the music. To my understanding, the most difficult task in to find the right music for meditations; music that would not let you fall asleep, and yet would not induce its own frame of mind. I was impressed how fast Alaya's music led me into meditative state. It was his composition "Infinite Love". I was able to feel the flow of energy of love and effortlessly connect to it, experiencing peace and love. I bought all of his meditative compositions and very grateful for them. With this music my meditations became more energetic, extensive, and intense; yet they started to be more delightful and joyful."
-- Glenn D.

"I love to sing. Unfortunately, I almost always feel tired, I just do not have enough power. Knowing this, my best friend gave me a gift - an album with mantras, written by Alaya. She said that this album gives her strength and confidence. I put this album on a shelf and forgot about it. Two weeks later I came from work tired and completely drained. I was sitting in the armchair immobilized and suddenly my eye caught this CD. I was not going to do anything anyway, so I decided to listen to it. First mantra was called Om Mane Padme Hum. First few minutes I was listening apathetically, then I began to bounce my head to the rhythm of this music, then I started to sing altogether with Alaya, and some 15-20 minutes later I was singing aloud and dancing. When this mantra ended I had enough energy to clean my apartment and cook dinner for the next day."
-- I. R.