About Alaya
For over 30 years Alaya composes music. His musical education and 20 years of spiritual practice allow him create music with revitalizing vibrations of energy, splendid melodies, charged with love and optimism. Translated from Sanskrit, Alaya means the Soul of the Universe, the Essence that transcends and permeates everything and everyone. His music echoes and reflects his name, touching the listener in the most profound and unexpected way. It awakens the spirit in a listener, that has long been forgotten, opening new paradigms and dimensions for creativity and enlightenment.

Alaya was born and raised in Russia, and has been studying and playing music his entire life. He attended several music schools extensively studying piano, performing in a boy's choir and hating classical music. Not till the age of 13, when he started listening to Beatles, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin, did he truly fell in love with and learned classical music.

In college Alaya composed his first album and wrote music for local theater productions, graduating with a major in conducting. After graduation, he composed music, wrote lyrics, played keyboard and sang in various rock bands including "Slides" and "Chain Reaction" performing in concert halls and nightclubs throughout Russia and the United States.

However, Alaya's most important calling became practice of self-realization through yoga, which in turn reformed his direction in music. His latest creation is a fusion of techno dance with New Age, yielding an unpredictable and exciting combination. He is also composing mantras, for those who are looking for music with a little more Zen in it.

The beauty of Alaya's music is that it can satisfy anybody's taste. It is understood and enjoyed by people from all over the world; people with different cultural backgrounds, different belief systems, different values and ways of expression. Any generation from toddlers to elderly can relate to his music in their own way. Alaya's music can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Alaya is an award-winning composer and Vice President of Self-Awareness and Transformation Center. He is conducting Raja Yoga classes since 1992. He also conducts sessions of sound healing, helping people to recondition their health and get rid of their stress. His compositions "Journey to the Highest Sphere" and "Deep Meditation" help in reaching deep meditative states with miraculously cleansing and recharging effects. All his compositions where created while in meditative state, where Alaya served just as a channel conducting music from Higher Spheres.

If you sit for a long time behind the wheel or travel, compositions such as City of the Future, Freedom, The Joke, The Wizard, Soaring Over the Canyon, Hello, Cosmic Rain, Let's Play, Rainbow of Love, and Amorousness not only enhance your mood, but take away fatigue and strain off your body. Please, observe speed limit. If you have any questions, please, contact Alaya at support@musicbyalaya.com

Have a wonderful journey to this extraordinary world of music and bliss.